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It's kind of sad to think I'm probably not going to be able to jerk off for at least a month.

I really regret doing this with asschun and Merkin. THEY'RE REALLY RUINING THE COMPETITION. Next year we'll do it with people who stand a chance.

It's approaching 57 hours, and I'm fine. SOMETIMES, I'll see a pretty girl on TV and it makes me see this is going to be harder(lol) than I expected, BUT only because I thought it would be really easy. I'm sure I can do it. If 3 weeks from now Kyle tells me he has never had any trouble, I'm just going to think he hasn't hit puberty yet. AND IF I HAVE TO WAIT FOR KYLE TO HIT PUBERTY, I'LL DO IT. I'M NOT LOSING.

I will not do it until I have super powers. I JUST WON'T. I want those powas more than you can imagine.

The contest winner,
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