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masturbation aggravation

As I lay in my bed last night, all I could think about was the fun I would have once all of this is over. Oh yes, it will be a crazy time indeed (lol). Last night could very well have been one of the worst nights of my life. Going cold turkey was a bad move on my part, I admit. If only I had some time to prepare; I would have gradually cut it down to three, two, then one a day. But last night was terrible. I almost forfeited until I remembered all of the people looking up to me! I eventually locked up my penus, once again.

In other news, I made history last night. I became the first man to actually DREAM about himself masturbating, though I am sure many of you out there have dreamt about me masturbating as well. As I was getting out of bed this morning, my penus somehow rubbed against the inside of my boxers the wrong way. I was immediately turned on by this and am desperately fighting off the chubby. Wish me luck!

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